Electronic Rat And Rodent Trap Powfully Kill And Eliminate Rats Mice Or Other Similar Rodents


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1. Features & Functions:
1) Delivers high voltage electronic shock to kill rat, nonpoisonous, safe and reliable.
2) Set with safety protection switch, in order to prevent mistake electric shock to person.
3) Use micro-electronic circuit technology for product design, low power consumption, suitable for long life operation.
4) Low battery indication.

2. Application:
This unit widely applies in kitchen, dining-room, cookroom, bedroom, office, hotel and any places that rats usually appear.

3. Directions for use:
1) Step #1: Using a plastic or wooden knife, insert a small amount of peanut butter (or any food that rats prefer) through a
bottom hole on the back plate.
2) Step #2: Insert 4”C” batteries into battery compartment or use the adapter DC-6V
3) Step #3: Identify location with rat activity look for worn trails or walkways. Place unit on floor against wall, the entrance
in-line with the trail; rats prefer to travel against a wall.
4) Step #4: Press switch to “On” position. Unit will hum, and the green light will flash, then the red light will flash every 5
seconds,indicating that the unit has been enabled. To prevent incidental shock avoid contact with metal plates. Do not touch
the bottom of the machine.

4. Note Items for Use:
1) The rat triggers metal plates when rodent enter the unit, and the unit emits high voltage sock immediately, the red light fla-
High voltage produced time is 4 minutes. Firstly it delivers high voltage last for 1 minute, later impulse electric-shock which
imitating rat heartbeat 15HZ for each time and it continues for 3 minutes, then the high voltage shock stops, the light turns from
red to green and flashes once every 5 seconds, here high voltage shock will not be produced until restarting the unit next time.
2) Every after killing the rat, press switch to “OFF” position (O) and remove case of the unit to clean the chamber, dry it under
the sun,then it can be reinstalled to use. (Use cleaning agent to clean out the smell that the rat remained, or rats may not come
3) In the high-voltage chamber, there are three metal plates, when a mouse or rat enters, it will conduct the charged electricity fr-
om one plate to another and will be killer instantly. To prevent incidental shock avoid contact with metal plates.
4) If red light and green light flash in a chain once every 2 seconds after power on or rat killing, indicating that the batteries should
be changed with new to avoid affecting rat killing function. Turn off power before changing batteries.
5) Remove batteries from the unit if they are not required for extended periods of time in order to avoid damage to the unit resulting
from a leaking battery.

5. Warnings:
1) Inappropriate use of this product may cause electrical shock, or serious injury.
2) Never use this product around small children, small household pets, life support devices, and combustible materials.
3) Never use this device on wet surface to avoid high voltage electric leakage.

6. Technical Specifications:
1) Power supply: 1.5V 4* ”C” Battery. Low battery indicator: 4.8V±0.2V
2) Static work current: ≤50uA High voltage working current: ≤380mA
3) High voltage: 7000-9000V High voltage produced time: 4 minutes.
4) New battery can be supplied for electronic shock 20-30 times.

Package Included:
1 x Rat Killer (Without Battery)

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Electronic Rat And Rodent Trap Powfully Kill And Eliminate Rats Mice Or Other Similar Rodents